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Stormville Oil is your source for your home or office heating oil needs with quality service and competitive pricing.

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Our updated website includes pricing information for our current rack price on delivered home heating oil. Minimum delivery is 150 gallons, and we require 1-2 business days notice to be added to our schedule. Please note that we deliver to different zone areas on specific days. If you order before that timeframe you will receive your delivery that week. If you order after our delivery was scheduled, your delivery will be scheduled for the following week. We do not and cannot hold prices.

#2 Home Heating Oil (C.O.D.)
per gallon on 05/31/23

Latest News on Oil: 

We at Stormville Oil wanted to take the time to acknowledge the increase of energy prices to our valued customers.  We are all being reminded and experiencing the rising cost of fuel prices when you tune into the news, at the gas station, and in particular, home heating.  Crude oil prices have been consistently staying elevated above $100+ a barrel for several months now. This has had an impact on all of us to varying degrees and its increasing volatility has brought additional pressure in an already challenging time.  The primary factors impacting the price of oil is a direct results of supply and demand, global events, weather, and the political environment. While Stormville Oil makes every effort to manage through all of these factoring conditions, and works closely with our partners, these things are out of our control. We are fully committed to offering our customer the highest levels of service and the fairest price we can provide.  We are empathetic to the current climate, and will do everything to make favorable adjustments when possible.

Our Products


Professional Installation

We offer installation and service of all types of residential and commercial heating and hot water systems. We can also arrange for the removal of an out-of-date tank and the installation of the safest and most practical replacement tanks.

#2 Off Road

Our Off Road Diesel Fuel is specially formulated for opertation of Bulldozers, Back-Hoes, Loaders and excavation equipment. Keep them running clean and efficiently throughout the year!

#2 Heating Oil

Stormville Oil has accesss to the highest quality heating oil to keep your tank free of sludge and impurities. A cleaner burn, means greater efficiency of your heating system, which in turn means more savings annually.