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Star Trek Fleet Command Mining Agreement

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G. If the system is full, Horizon and the faction ships lose protection from mining at level 27 and below. 1: Survey vessels shall be protected in accordance with the Rules of Engagement (ROE) and shall not be attacked unless: (I) the protected cargo limit is crossed; II) The mine on which they are located is an empty mine (a message of 0 knots must be sent after the node has reached 0, but before any attack) III) When participating in a basic attack. IV) It is a “Botany Bay” or “D`vor” that degrades a 3* mine or isogen Special Borg Latinum Systems (Yoria-3 / Zed Alpha / Torra Sedra) D`vor should not be attacked during mining, even if they are located above their protected cargo limit. I understand that many servers have crawl agreements or rules of engagement. Any survey vessel that is not designed for special mining (latinum and data) can be removed from a special mine to be replaced by a Botany Bay on data or a forward on latinum. That`s crazy! The more complicated the agreement, the shorter its lifespan on our server seems It is a PvP oriented game, end of the story. I won`t have a player apply rules to me because they want people to line up at the nodes and wait for it to be your turn to get what they need, or someone else will come and kill you. This is called prison.

The best players do not have the right to write rules, contracts or agreements and open them to others, try to change the dynamics of the game, it is programmed to cope with ffs. Someone hits you, it`s not personal. Either move it back or go to the next node. If there are no knots, Low Man will have the end of the story. If you are the low man, it is to find out, ask for the help of your covenant. Vi`dar is protected as long as it does not degrade the latinum. H. Northstars is protected until the maximum loading capacity is reached at level 30 or below. If it`s a fair game. The meta game (coalitions, exploration chords, wars, etc.) is the most interesting aspect of a sandbox game, so it`s really a good sign if your server is advanced enough to do it.

However, I agree that these rules are too complex. I think they would have better luck with simpler and more flexible rules. . It is recommended to prove the situation by screenshots. E: Your load is more than 500 times more than the protected quantity. Let`s make sure we use the last field! While we try to keep this page up to date, there may be a delay of about a day in updating changes to the ROE.. . .