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Bargaining Council Main Collective Agreement

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The parties to the BCRCAT are bound by collective agreements. Once a collective agreement has been concluded, the parties to the BCRCAT may apply to the Minister of Labour, within the meaning of section 32, to extend the contract to non-parties (to workers and employers who work in the sector covered by bcrcat, but who are not parties to the BCRCAT). Once an agreement has been extended to non-parties, all companies and workers falling within the registered scope of the BCRCAT (geographically and branch) are bound by the provisions of the collective agreement. An employer who is not a party to the BCRCAT but who is covered by the provisions of the BCRCAT may request a derogation from the provisions of the collective agreement. Please note that BCRCAT is empowered to enforce its agreements in accordance with Section 33A of the LRA. . . .