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Agreement For Permanent Alternate Accommodation

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. Contracts or projects of need, as appropriate. (II) With respect to a permanent alternative accommodation agreement, the registration part must be submitted within 60 days from the date of . the execution of the agreement in question. This should be taken into account for each of the dwellings, including the members of the dwelling who are on our heels as complainants. (III) For this. For any reason, each of the partners is personally liable, in addition to the developer (partnership company) being responsible for the consequences of a breach of the terms of the contract or. . of 13.4.2010 was signed between the developers, the association and the members. The permanent alternative hosting contract of 5.5.2010 was concluded between the developer, the company and the member with.

from the date of payment of the second instalment. The application was submitted after 17 months with the aim of delaying the payment and registration of a permanent alternative accommodation contract of 5.5.2010. No no. 1 and 2 said that opp. No. 1 is still willing and willing to enter into individual agreements for the provision of permanent alternative housing, and in fact, stamp duty was paid by appointment from. . Initial agreement for permanent alternative accommodation of February 17, 2000 between M/s. Cozyhome Builders and the late A.P Fernandez. It is recorded in the minutes and as evidence “P7.

. . Housing, the applicant must pay to the defendant No. 1 (i) an amount of Article 18.93.780 / – for the corpus fund and (ii) for temporary alternative housing, the applicant must also be addressed to the defendant No. 1. to execute the permanent alternative accommodation contract and to make themselves available to the competent authority for the purpose of registering the contract, and also strictly and.