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Law Firm Engagement Agreement

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By signing a letter of commitment and accepting these terms and conditions of sale, you expressly accept the above waivers. The above does not replace or quash previous declarations of renouncement of conflicts made to us, all of which remain fully in force. They may include information about lawyers or lawyers who will customize the client`s case and/or reserve the right to make appropriate changes to the client`s staff. Good practices require that such changes be communicated to the customer without delay and that no additional fees be charged to the customer due to a change in company personnel. If you request the client`s signature and for any issues that require the agreement of a conflict and/or potential conflicts, make sure that you have procedures in place to: (1) remind the client to make the copy executed; and (2) to ensure that the necessary authorizations were obtained before work on this file began. In the event of a subsequent dispute, the client`s failure to sign could excuse the performance of the client`s obligations under the contract of engagement. And counsel who seeks written consent but does not seek it is strongly hampered by the defence against further disciplinary action or breach of trust duty on the basis of the allegation that counsel had a conflict of interest. If the client requests additional services that are not covered by the original contract of engagement, you must document both the additional benefits and fees and obtain the client`s consent. Note that the court may further review the revised or amended agreements once the confidential relationship is established. 8. Other customers. You understand that we can represent from time to time people who confront you directly or indirectly, and you accept such representation.

In this case, we assure you that no information you have provided to us confidentially will be used for the benefit of a competitor. However, without an effective absence of conflict, conflicts of interest may arise, which could affect your ability and the ability of other of our clients to continue to use our services in pending or future business. Faced with this possibility, we want to be fair not only to you, but also to our other customers. Accordingly, by signing our engagement letter, you confirm our mutual agreement so that we may represent other parties present or future in matters other than those for which we have been involved or engaged by you, whether they or any of your affiliates are incompatible or not, including in the context of an advisory function or a commercial transaction that is referred to here as all “authorized representations”. As part of this reciprocal agreement, you accept that you are not for yourself or for another party, and you will not allow a related party to assert our representation of you, either before, in our representation at the time, or in another case where you can keep us as a basis for disqualifying that we represent another party in an authorized representation, and you accept that an authorized representation does not constitute a breach of duty.