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Cairns Agreement

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The Cairns Chamber of Commerce continues to obtain and evaluate applications for approval under the Northern Region Designated Region Migration Agreement (DAMAQ) during the Covid-19 restrictions. The same service standards apply. All applications for approval during this period should focus on the impact of Covid-19 on sponsorship activities and the need to fill positions or long-term defects. If in doubt, contact the Chamber by email/dama) ( The company can then apply for an employment contract via its Immi account. It is a system that allows you to create, submit, pay and manage all online visa applications on a single online platform. The work agreement application form is generally available in the new work agreement category on the new application page in the Immi account. The Cairns group succeeded in putting agriculture on the agenda of the Uruguay Round, which eventually led to the agricultural agreement. In April 1989, in Geneva, Switzerland, the group played a key role in the framework agreement with the United States, the EU and Japan to cover the negotiations for the remainder of the round. The Chamber welcomes all requests from FNQ DAMA from companies and their representatives. Please send an email/dama) ( with your questions. Following its December 2013 meeting in Bali, Indonesia, the Cairns Group issued a statement expressing concern about “evolving import restrictions” in violation of health and plant health measures and agreements and serving as technical barriers to trade for agricultural products. He criticised “overly complex SPS measures and technical regulations, including food labelling.” [5] In the early 1990s, the Cairns Group`s influence diminished, as did its ability to promote multilateralism, not bilateralism among the major powers. It is striking that Australia has negotiated a bilateral free trade agreement with the United States, which symbolizes the changing attitudes of Australia, the status and importance of the Cairns Group.

At a time when such bilateral trade agreements are spreading and are linked to strategic concerns, the question remains whether coalitions of like-minded countries, such as the Cairns Group, can exert effective influence.