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Aupe Collective Agreement Aglc

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New Article 51 Respectful Work – Identifies protection through human rights legislation and contains definitions of workplace harassment, moral harassment in the workplace and sexual harassment. The article also mentions the procedures for dealing with formal complaints. New Article 52 Classification – describes the procedures for setting compensation for new classifications in the bargaining unit. There is also a classification appeal procedure, which is defined in the agreement, but the final decision is not lamentable. New Article 53 Contracting Out – including EU consultation 90 days before any decision on awarding contracts. The Union also has the opportunity to contact the employer to discuss the positions/work already under agreement to provide service with employers in the collective agreement unit. New letter of understanding – to anchor the health expenditure account in the collective agreement. New letter of understanding – consultation with the Union before changes to health plans. Are you looking for your collective agreement or the last minutes of the meeting? Browse the list of downloadable documents. “Jason Kenney has repeatedly stated that he will protect services head-on,” Notley said. “He doesn`t have a mandate for that, because it`s exactly the opposite of what he told Albertans that he would.” AUPE President Guy Smith was not available for an interview on Friday night. In a statement Friday on the collective bargaining process, Finance Minister Travis Toews said the status quo was “not a sustainable option” and said Alberta spends more per capita on services than other major provinces, often with poorer results. Nearly 6,000 public sector jobs in Alberta could be cut as the UCP government seeks to cut costs and achieve efficiencies, Alberta`s largest union said in letters late Friday afternoon.

The union received the letters before collective bargaining for 2020. The letters are not formal dismissals, but outlines that the state government could make. The potential cuts would involve 2,500 positions of the Alberta government in several departments, as well as the following positions at Alberta Health Services: The collective agreement has expired and is currently being renegotiated by the Alberta government and the Alberta Provincial Employees Union.