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Amazon Prime Video Agreement

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E. Buying and leasing operations; Cancellation conditions. Except as stated in this paragraph, all transactions relating to purchased digital content, digital rental content and digital content of the APP are final and we do not accept returns of this digital content. You can cancel an order for digital content or digital rental purchased within 48 hours of purchase or rental (or for Customers in the European Union within 14 days of the date of purchase or rental) by contacting “Cancel your order” from your digital orders or, for purchases made through the third invoice , on the video detail page on your video marketplace (below) or using amazon customer service; unless you cancel an order for purchased digital content or digital rental content as soon as you start viewing or downloading such digital content. You can cancel a pre-order for digital content purchased at any time prior to the release date. You can cancel an order for PPV Digital Content at any time before the scheduled launch of the program. The publication date of pre-ordered digital content may change. If you purchased digital content as part of an Amazon subscription or from an Amazon member you work for through a third party, the applicable refund terms will be set by that third party. Any dispute or claim relating to these conditions or your use of Prime or products or services sold or distributed by Amazon or through are settled through mandatory arbitration and not through the courts, except that you can file claims in court for small claims if your claims are justified. This agreement is governed by the Federal Arbitration and Federal Arbitration Act. Amazon Prime is an annual membership program of $79 per year that offers customers an unlimited two-day free shipment for millions of items, including books, home and garden products, electronics, video games, clothing and much more. Amazon Prime members also have access to the unlimited instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV episodes, and hundreds of thousands of books that they can borrow for free, as often as one book per month, without a Kindle device due date.

Customers who receive free premium shipping benefits through our Amazon Students or Amazon Mom programs can upgrade to a paid annual subscription to get Amazon Prime`s digital benefits. “The plaintiff asserts that defendant Amazon`s Prime video service, which allows consumers to purchase video content to stream or download, is a consumer because, in some cases, that video content may no longer be available at a later date, when a third-party rights holder revokes or amends Amazon`s license,” lawyer David Biderman wrote in the motion published below. “The complaint vaguely refers to online comments about this alleged potential injury, but does not identify the purchase of video premiums that are not available to the complainants themselves. In fact, all premium video content that the complainant has ever purchased remains available. You agree that subscriptions provided to Amazon under this agreement for the distribution of non-premium subscriptions from titles (“subscriptions”) are at least the same video-on-demand package, including the same titles as subscription-based video-on-demand packages, which you provide through any non-physical distribution method. Subject to the rights you grant us under this Agreement, you reserve between us and you all property rights over and on copyright as well as all other rights and interests on and on your titles and subscriptions. We reserve all property rights over and over copyright and all other rights and interests of the program, program website and all Amazon features, as well as all materials we use or make available to you for your titles and subscriptions (for example. B general coverage used for your titles or subscriptions if you don`t provide them. We are alone respo