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Vsp Provider Agreement

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This amendment applies to all VSP providers, as the VSP contract (known as the network provider agreement or NOA) stipulates that California laws apply to the VSP contract. When a participant receives an eye exam from a VSP network physician or non-VSP provider or receives glasses or contacts, they are subject to the corresponding co-payment, as shown in the table below. Contact us for any questions at: VSP Provider Specialist 800.742.6907, Option 3 It is important to become a new provider of VSP graduate optometrist. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to become a VSP provider in your country. The VSP vision plan gives participants the flexibility to obtain services from a VSP network physician or a non-VSP provider. A VSP doctor does not need a referral or ID card. As the country`s largest vision benefits provider, we offer a variety of services and programs to establish and develop your practice. Participants pay only a supplement to a VSP physician for benefits. VSP will pay the VSP doctor directly after the plan is agreed with the doctor.

Finally, the review of contract suppliers during the period during which VSP followed the law seemed to be almost over. However, with the new law, optometrists should expect VSP to resume reviewing its suppliers. Like every January 1st, new laws come into force. One of them that will have an impact on all viewing service providers (VSPs) — most of whom don`t even know it has an impact on them — is a change in the California Health and Safety Code.11 Department of Health and Safety Code 2, Chapter 2.2 Health Plans. California legislative information. Available at Access 1/7/19. 2.

AB-1092 Health Care Plans: Vision Care Services: Suppliers: Fraud. California legislative information. Available at Access 1/7/19. When a member receives benefits from a non-VSP provider, they are required to pay the full bill at the time of delivery and to claim reimbursement of benefits (minus applicable surcharges) in accordance with the benefit summary in the table below. For more information on what is covered and what is not part of the plan, participants should contact VSP by calling 1-800-877-7195 or by visiting the VSP website. A participant gets the best benefit of the VSP benefit when they see a VSP network doctor. When a participant receives scheduled benefits from a non-VSP provider, they must pay the entire supplier at the time of service. The member is reimbursed by VSP in accordance with the repayment plan in the repayment plan. Services provided by non-VSP service providers are subject to the same surcharges and restrictions as services provided by PSV service providers. If you are not currently active at CAQH and want to become a VSP provider, start here.