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Uob Cardmembers Agreement

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Our rights in this Agreement are not affected by other rights and remedies that we have between us by law or as part of another agreement or agreement. We may be given by you or any authorized person in accordance with the company`s order on any instruction we have given in good faith. What happens when the card account is terminated 7.4 If the account is terminated:- 4.1 The credit limit is an overall limit applicable to all cards issued to you or issued by your account. We can change the credit limit at any time without notice. You must ensure that the credit limit is not exceeded at all times. 11.6 The main card member is responsible for debts related to the card account, all cards and cards of each of its additional members and is jointly responsible, with each additional member, for the debts associated with each additional card. In our view, if we are of the opinion that the decision is made at our discretion. If we act or refuse to act: in all matters, including an instruction or transaction, we do not need to indicate the reason for our action or refusal, unless required by law. Timing: If we receive an instruction on a non-professional day or after specified clearance or cut-off hours, we may treat the statement as the next business day. 6.4 If we only receive the minimum payment until the due date indicated in your card statement, you must pay interest on the amount not yet paid (for more details, consult the fee manager). Please note that on September 1, 2017, the UOB Cardmember Agreement for Corporate Cards has been replaced by the UOB Corporate Cardmember Agreement.

Click here for more details. From $60 per month to $90 per month, if the minimum payment indicated in the card settlement does not occur on the date or before the due date indicated in the uOB Corporate Cardmember Agreement for Sole Corporate Liability or Joint – Several Liability Program; and/or account refers to any account you have now or thereafter with us and any account used for the Purpose of the Services and from which funds may be requested for the use of the Services, whether the account is opened separately or jointly. The ATM means an ATM or card machine that accepts the card. AUD means the Australian dollar, Australia`s legal currency for the time being. Authorized person refers to a person (either alone or with another person/person) that you authorize and that we have authorized to act for or on your behalf to give instructions, execute or sign a document or manage your account. The card account refers to each account in relation to the card. Card refers to any credit card we issue, including a personal card or an additional card and any replacement or renewal of such a card or other card that we may issue from time to time. If such a card is scanned, recorded and stored electronically in mobile wallets as part of mobile services, the card also means that the card is stored electronically in a mobile wallet. Cash Out refers to the service whereby cash in Singapore dollars is withdrawn or withdrawn through the Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale system from a reseller`s point-of-sale terminal (with NETS functionality) or from the net terminal with the use of a cards with NETS functionality associated with a current account or bank savings account.