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Live Broadcast Agreement

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The StageIt service allows certain users known as Broadcaster to stream and view live videos (“StageIt Performances”) and to broadcast text and photography comments (“Broadcaster Comments”) and personally identifiable information, commonly known as Name Broadcaster and Likeness. StageIt Performances, Broadcaster Comments and Broadcaster Name and Likeness, with all other texts, files, images, images, videos, sounds, musical works, paternity works, applications, preview clips and artworks from the performances of StageIt, Broadcaster Comments and Broadcaster Name and Likeness (in accordance with this Agreement) or other documents submitted, displayed, posted or transmitted by Broadcastern above or on The De StageIt services are collectively referred to as “Submission. We have an income account on which we pay the proceeds of your StageIt representations and on which we rely on the StageIt fee you pay (described above) and all expenses, including broadcasting, bandwidth, licensing, sales and transaction fees, returns, revions, overheads and all applicable VAT charges. Given the StageIt that provides its StageIt services, StageIt has the right to deduct a tax (the “StageIt tax”) from the total revenue of your StageIt representations. The amount of the StageIt fee depends on the total gross proceeds of your StageIt service. The artist accepts the StageIt fee described on this page: This agreement and all changes contain the entire agreement between you and Live Media, in connection with your access and use of this site, and replaces all agreements, agreements, negotiations or prior discussions, whether orally or in writing between you and Live Media, regarding your access and use of this site. If a provision in this agreement proves to be unlawful, null or void, (i) this provision (or part of it) is considered as as effective as possible to best reflect the parties` original intentions, in accordance with applicable law, and (ii) the other provisions, provisions, agreements and restrictions of that agreement remain fully in force and effective.