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Christchurch City Council Collective Agreement

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We asked these six councils to set up a joint working group with us to resolve this requirement and agree on a rate of pay for library assistants, which is free of gender discrimination. Here you will find excerpts from our letters to CEOs. An analysis by The University of Otago`s audit and finance expert, Dr. Helen Roberts, shows that the Commission pays approximately $10.965 million to 57 employees earning more than $150,000. Today, Porirua City Council staff moved closer to a minimum wage – when city councillors voted to raise the minimum wage to $20 an hour by 2020. Given that boards face small disruptions in financial market share and their publicly funded cash flows are not as vulnerable as private markets, it is difficult to compare roles, she said. The Public Utilities Association (PSA), New Zealand`s largest union, said Council staff were not overpaid. Non-union members can bargain collectively with an employer or employer, but their negotiation cannot end with a collective agreement that is only identical or very similar individual employment contracts. Last August, councils voted overwhelmingly in favour of adopting a minimum wage of $20.20 for all employees directly employed by the Board, but excluded Vbase employees. The amendment came into effect in October. A collective agreement is the formal employment contract that was ratified and signed after collective bargaining. The agreement defines the terms of employment of union members whose work is covered by the coverage clause of the agreement. Glenn Barclay, PSA`s national secretary, sent a letter to the principal administrators of the six major councils – Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin – expressing our belief that library assistants are victims of gender-based wage discrimination, which is illegal under the Equal Pay Act of 1972.

“The further Vbase moves away from the Board, and Spotless is another degree of separation. the further away she is from a living wage. The Council`s 2829 staff represent 2,206 full-time equivalents. Of these, 1,785 are full-time, 839 are part-time and 205 are casual workers. When the employer offers individual terms to the employee, the employer must negotiate in good faith and give the worker the time and opportunity to advise himself independently, such as when an employer offers an individual employment contract to a worker. Employment contracts contain more information about individual contracts. A person with a collective agreement may also agree with his employer additional terms and conditions. Additional terms and conditions: Six General Managers together earn approximately $1.71 million, or an average of $285,000 or 5.39 times the typical worker. When the collective agreement between the worker ends or the worker leaves the union, the unit heads together earn about $6.14 million – about $180,588 per person or 3.4 times the typical worker, while 46 department or department heads together receive about $6.35 million, or an average of $138,044. 2.6 times the typical income. “Our boards are not in a difficult financial situation and can balance their budgets over several years.

The transmission of tariff conditions to individual employment contracts. Apart from the above requirements, the parties decide what is stipulated in the collective agreement (unless the employment agency is invited and agrees to set the terms of the contract). A collective agreement expires on the previous expiry date or three years after it comes into force.