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A Currency Agreement

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After the expiry of the deadline, the Fund pays interest on all remaining balances of the special drawing rights held by a terminating participant, and the terminating member pays a fee for all remaining commitments due to the Fund at the hours and rates prescribed in Article XX. Payment is made in special drawing rights. A resilient participant is authorized to obtain special drawing rights with a freely usable currency to pay fees or investments in a transaction with a designated participant by the Fund or in agreement with another holder, or to hold special drawing rights that he or she received as an interest in a transaction with a designated participant pursuant to Article XIX , Section 5 or in agreement with another holder. (3) For the purposes of 2, 0.888 671 grams of fine gold is equal to a special drawing fee and the amount of currency to be paid below 2 is determined on that basis and on the basis of the value of the currency in the sense of the special drawing right at the time of dismissal. 1. If the remaining commitment to be pending after the imposition pursuant to Article XXIV, point b), is notified to the terminating participant and if the agreement on liquidation between the Fund and the terminating member is not reached within six months of the termination date, the Fund terminates this balance of special drawing rights in equal semi-annual tranches within a maximum of five years from the closing date. The Fund maintains this balance, as it determines: (a) by paying the terminated member the sums made available by other fund participants in accordance with Article XXIV, Section 5, or (b) by allowing the terminating subscriber to use his special drawing rights to obtain his own currency or currency freely usable from a participant designated by the Fund. , the general resource account or another owner. The current exchange rate is the current rate indicated for the purchase or sale of a currency pair. At this rate, trade must take place immediately after the trade agreement. Futures exchange rates are affected by changes in spot rates. They tend to increase when spot rates rise and fall when spot rates drop. billions of dollars, euros, yen, British pounds and a multitude of international monetary whips all over the world electronically every day, in a dizzying nod in a spirit.