Stormville Oil

Ways to Reduce Energy Loss

Listed below are some energy saving tips from Stormville Oil:

  • Weather-strip and caulking. Seal holes around areas where plumbing or electrical wiring goes through walls, floors and ceilings, and cracks around doors and windows to stop warm air
  • Insulate. One of the most important single steps you can take! In addition to using windows with insulated glass and thermal breaks in the frames, be sure you have at least four inches of fiberglass insulation in your walls and
    six inches in your ceiling.
  • Keep drapes open on sunny  windows to let solar heat in, and closed at night to keep drafts out.
  • Don’t block heating vents with furniture; allow heat to circulate properly.
  • Install an electronic, programmable thermostat which automatically adjusts to lower settings at night to increase heating efficiency.
  • Maintain heating equipment regularly, including an annual cleaning and tune-up of your heating unit before the start of winter weather conditions.
  • Rely on STORMVILLE OIL because“It’s always warm with Stormville Oil”.


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